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Bird-Friendly Plants 

Landscaping Using Bird-Friendly Plants

Here is a list of some bird friendly plants and trees that you may want to consider:


Berries are produced by these trees in July and August and are a favorite to over 40 species of birds.


These trees produce beautiful white, pink and red flowers in the spring and red fruits in the fall.

Crab Apples

Many birds eat the flowers, buds and fruits of this tree, which also provides good cover and nest areas.


These medium-sized trees grow white or pink flowers in the spring and fruits in the summer.

Red Cedars

Offer shelter, nest areas and winter fruit for birds. allen's hummingbird flower pollinating


The cones produced by these trees generate seeds that birds eat in the fall and winter.

Northern Bayberry

This shrub grows berries that remain on the plant all year long, and are the preferred food of many birds.

Staghorn Sumac

This shrub produces beautiful fall foliage and clusters of fruit that survive throughout winter.


These shrubs grow white flowers in the spring followed by colorful berries in the fall.

Wild Grapes

Climbing grape vines provide safe cover and nest areas, along with fruit which is eaten by over 50 species of birds.

Virginia Creeper

A tree climbing vine that produces small berries from August-February.

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