Birds Need Water During Drought - And You Can Help

Birds Need Water During Drought - And You Can Help

In light of our current drought, bird lovers need to unite and help save our feathered friends! Bird feeding isn’t just about providing seed, it’s caring for them in several ways... and water is a very important element all living mammals need in order to survive.

As the drought across the U.S. continues to put a strain on parched landscapes and fields, it is also having a major effect on the wild bird community. Just the other week USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, declared over 55% of the nation’s land was in poor to very poor condition.

Sadly, we can’t do much about making it rain. However, we can be responsible and help our fellow birds, who are desperately seeking a source of water. The best thing to do is provide them a place to get food and water. We here at Perky-Pet® headquarters would like to suggest a few sure-fire options to help you protect and preserve!

The first choice is obvious - provide water. Place bird waterers, such as the NEW Perky-Pet® Bird Water Cooler or the Perky-Pet® Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer in a partly shaded area in your yard. This will help keep water cool on these extremely hot summer days. Other options for providing water would be bird baths or bird feeder and waterer combinations.

Birds are not only searching for water, but food. Because of the drought many areas, such as the wetlands and forests, are dry and barren. Creatures, as well as vegetation occupying these land areas, have died, thus depleting yet another source of food. This is why you, our devoted bird hobbyists, are that much more important in a time like this. Not to mention bird feeding!

Most of you I’m sure, already own a bird feeder. Contribute more by putting out two or three to accommodate a larger variety of birds. Make sure to keep them full of seed and properly cleaned for optimal bird health.

If you do not own a bird feeder, visit your local retail store, or pick one up instantly in our online store. We have the largest, most versatile selection of wild bird and hummingbird feeders around. We value our loyal followers, so from small to large, simple to advanced, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Which brings up the next point... hummingbirds are in just as much danger. As southern migration time approaches, sources for the energy they need to make their long journey grows dim. So fill the feeders you have now with freshly made nectar, or pick up two or three feeders to place in your yard and help these tiny creatures survive the treacherous trek south.


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