Species Spotlight: American Robin

Species Spotlight: American Robin

American Robins are one of the most identifiable songbirds that can be spotted nearly year-round. Their gray-brown feathers and orange underparts make them standout against the green grass of your backyard. While in flight, you’ll be able to spot the white patch on the lower belly and bottom of the tail of these Robins.

Spot these wild birds in gardens, parks, yards, golf courses, fields, woodlands, forests, and shrublands throughout North America.  While they may seem to be a species of abundance, the entire American Robin population turns over on average of every 6 years.

Facts About the American Robin

  • american robin feeding her broodAmerican Robins can produce three successful broods in a year. Of those broods, only 40% are successful nests and only 25% of those young survive to November.
  • Females build their nests from the inside, out. They prefer to nest on low, horizontal branches of trees but don’t be alarmed if you find a Robin nesting in your rain gutter!
  • Robin roosts, or a common congregational location, can consist of 25,000+ robins; mostly males. Female American Robins will stay at their nests until their young become more independent. When this occurs, the females will venture to join the males in the roosts.
  • See these articulate creatures wobbling around your yard? They may be intoxicated from eating honeysuckle berries only!  Although their diet mainly consists of fruits, American Robins like to feast on earthworms and the occasional insect.

Dice up dried fruit and offer it in a feeder such as Perky-Pet® Holly Berry Gilded Chalet; these feathered friends will be feasting away in no time. Also, you can help American Robins wash down their fruits by offering a crisp, clean water source as part of your birdscaped backyard. Choose from any of our waterers, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect fit!


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