Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 30 oz Nectar Capacity

Model #: 209B

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  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Base comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Built-in bee guards and ant moat
  • Six feeding ports with perches
  • Holds up to 30 oz of nectar

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Best used for:
Allen's Hummingbird
Allen's Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Anna's Hummingbird
Anna's Hummingbird
Attract More Hummingbirds to Your Yard with the Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder The Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder promises hours of hummingbird-watching pleasure and is perfect for any bird lover. Able to hold up to 30 oz of nectar, this hummingbird feeder features a clear bottle made of hardened glass for at-a-glance nectar monitoring. It’s designed with a wide mouth bottle to enable easy filling and cleaning. To attract birds and provide visual appeal, the feeder features bright red and yellow accents. The feeder includes six feeding stations with a wraparound perch. Plus, the flower-shaped feeding ports offer built-in bee guards to protect the nectar. Along with the built-in ant moat, this feeder is sure to be safe from unwanted invaders.
Our Best Hummingbird Feeder
Wide Mouth Bottle
Clear, Wide-Mouth Bottle for Easy Filling For your convenience, the Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder is designed with a wide mouth bottle to make filling easier, resulting in less messes and spills as you pour the nectar. In addition, the bottle is made of clear hardened glass so you can effortlessly keep track of nectar levels.
Easy Pour Bottle
Built In Bee Guards
Ant Moat
Keep Out Insects Providing an effective line of defense against insects is an important part of feeding hummingbirds. That’s why this feeder features built-in bee guards at each port and a built-in ant moat to ensure that the nectar supply is reserved for the birds. To use the ant moat, fill the top of the lid with water.
Multiple Perches
Multiple Perches and Ports Designed to attract more hummingbirds, this feeder offers six convenient feeding ports with a circular, wraparound perch that allows multiple hummers to sit and dine together. The bright yellow ports are also shaped like flowers to catch the eye of hummingbirds as they fly by.
30 oz Attract More Hummingbirds
Comes Apart for Thorough Cleaning Keeping a feeder clean and fresh is a sure way to keep your hummingbirds coming back for more. To make that easier, our feeders have been designed to allow for effortless cleaning. The wide mouth design allows you to sanitize all of the hard-to-reach spots in the bottle, while the base comes apart for better access. Remember to clean your feeder at least twice per week with a mild soap and water solution to prevent mildew buildup.
Feeder 209B comes apart for easy cleaning
Five Stars “This feeder has some excellent features – bee guards on the "flowers" and the base contains the nectar so the yellow jackets can't reach anything. Good reservoir size, too. Very pleased with my purchase.” (Review from DebNoCo) Read More Reviews »
Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder Watch this video to see for yourself just how much the hummingbirds love the Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder.
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Hanging Hardware
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Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder Watch this video to find out how to clean and fill your Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder.
Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder Product Details Do you want to know more helpful details about the Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product. Complete Product Details »
Perky-Pet® Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Model # 209B
Height 8.3 inches
Width 8.3 inches
Depth 11.5 inches
Capacity 30 oz
Port Number 6
Materials Glass, plastic
Learn More About Hummingbirds Do you want to know about these tiny, amazing birds? We have dozens of articles and resources, as well as an online library filled with information about various kinds of hummingbirds.
Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Your satisfaction with our bird feeders and service is our top priority! If you are anything less than satisfied with your bird feeder or bird accessory, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a product replacement or money refund of your full merchandise cost. It's part of our worry-free shopping policy! More Warranty Information »
About Perky-Pet®:We have been the trusted experts in backyard bird feeding since 1958. Perky-Pet® delivers high quality, functional bird feeders and accessories that bring more birds to your backyard. Bringing nature to you™. More About (Perky-Pet®) »

Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Easy to fill wide mouth opening
  • Base comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Built in bee guards protect nectar supply
  • Built in ant moat keeps ants away

What's in the Box:

  • 1 glass bottle feeder


  • 30 oz nectar capacity
  • 6 feeding stations

30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

Your satisfaction with our bird feeders and service is our top priority!

If you are anything less than completely satisfied with your bird feeder or bird accessory, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a product replacement or money refund of your full merchandise cost. It's part of our worry-free shopping policy!

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 11, 2019
Love this feeder By BeeLady

This feeder is the best feeder! I currently have 8 of them in use. I intend to buy more since I like having spares for immediate refilling. This allows me to wash the empty feeders without the hummingbirds having to wait on me.

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 9, 2019
Go back to old style feeders PLEASE By Judy

I have been using perky pet 30 oz glass feeders for over 20 years and was and still am completely satisfied with the old style 209b with replacement parts. The newly designed feeder is terrible! My birds won’t even drink from it. It seems that you made the neck of the bottle too long and it doesn’t allow the nectar to reach a high enough level. My birds love my older style feeders. I don’t know what I’ll do if anything ever happens to them. I have so many birds that I have to have 5 30 ounce feeders filled at all times. Because they won’t use the newer feeder I’m done to 4. Please please go back to the old style!

Response From Perky-Pet®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

We're sorry to hear your birds are reluctant to try the new feeders! This is common behavior in birds, as they are creatures of habit. We recommend removing established feeders until the new ones are being used consistently. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for assistance or with any questions, we're happy to help.

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 5, 2019
Great bee protection no food for birds By Beth

I bought 2 of these one for office, where there is a bee hive in a nearby tree and one for home where I also have bees. I was so excited thinking the hummers wont have to fight bees anymore. They must not be able to get any food either because they prefer a feeder swarming with bees than to try to get something from the tiny holes. The feeders are full. They are NOT leaking. One guy likes to guard it but not drink from it.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Beth - Thank you for sharing this feedback. We are sorry to hear that the birds have not yet been feeding from these feeders. They can be creatures of habit and may take a little bit of time to adjust to a new feeder in their environment. To encourage them to try the new feeders, we recommend temporarily removing established feeders. It is also important to check that the feeder is not air-locked. If you slightly tilt the feeder and bubbles float to the top of the bottle, then the nectar was not properly flowing into the base. Please reach out to us directly at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 3, 2019
Love this feeder and the birds love it too! By Sue

Love this hummingbird feeder and the birds love it too! Well made, easy to fill and clean, and very attractive hanging in my yard! Large volume make life easy - I have 3 of these hanging and fill them every 2-3 days this time of year!

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 26, 2019
Best feeder so far. By TripleC

Been having hummingbird feeders since 2001. Tried many different brands and types. This is the best in my opinion. Easy to take apart and clean. Wide mouth so no more funnels needed to fill. No leaks and holds a lot. Thumbs up to Perky Pets for improving their basic design to one that is much better. I have tried colored bottles and I get more hummers with a clear bottle and no coloring added to nectar.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 20, 2019
Better feeders By Bucky

Love the feeders I’ve got many more birds now ! Honey bees don’t bother them! I love watching my hummers! Recommend these feeders highly!

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 10, 2019
Best redesign ever By Donna P
I was VERE unhappy when they changed the feeder design. I had 9 of the previous models & needed parts. My husband purchased this model locally & I fell in love! GREAT design, easy to fill & CLEAN! They hit all the bases & more! Thank you Perky Pet for the BEST redesign I’ve seen!
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 10, 2019
Works good By Joe
I read the 1 star reviews and complaints about leaking. I got one anyway, assuming I could engineer it to work. Filled it with water, no leaks. What? Looked to me that the trough was filling deep enough, so a dried it out good, filled it with nectar and hung it out. The birds suck it down in a day no problem. Day after day. They drink from each port, sometimes at the same. Been doing it now for a week. Refill every day. Don't know whats up with the naysayers. I would buy another if I need to.
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 9, 2019
need to sell replacement perches again By Rhonda

We have been using our 209b for many years and love it. However, if you are not going to offer the replacement perches for sale anymore we will have to find another feeder manufacture that does. So sad to see this company make this decision.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Rhonda - Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. These comments and concerns have been shared with our Product Manager for review. Our feeders are covered under a one year replacement policy. Please reach out to us directly at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 1, 2019
Overall a Fabulous Feeder with Great Capacity By BG

Have been using these feeders for a couple of weeks now and I wish there was a 4 1/2 rating. Except for a couple of minor issues they are GREAT. First the good stuff. The capacity is wonderful. We feed several hundred ruby throats every day and they took to them immediately. The bee guards actually WORK. For a while the bees kept investigating, but now we rarely see a bee on these feeders. They do not leak. Not sure what happened with the reviewer who said they leak, but we have not had that problem. They seem to flow fine. After reading the review indicating a problem with the flow we did not cinch the port portion down as tight as it will go. We just tighten it to the first stop...flows fine and does not leak. The wide mouth makes them easy to clean and fill. As for the hummers not being able to reach the nectar as someone mentioned. I can't see that as a problem as their beaks do not have to actually reach the liquid since they lap with their tongues. The built in ant guard (which is also removable for cleaning) is a bonus though we still use the ant guards we already had. The minor issues I see 1) The perches appear to be a little wimpy. I ordered the 3 get one free. Upon arrival, I noticed one of the perches was broken. As they obviously are detachable, I called just asking for a replacement perch. Perky Pet is not making replacement parts so they just sent me a new feeder. That just seems a little extreme and down the road new perches might be needed I would hate to have to replace an entire feeder just because the perch broke. And I also hated for Perky Pet to replace a whole feeder for just the perch. On the one that was broken, a little piece of duct tape made it still usable. 2) I liked the wire hangers that used to come with Perky Pets. The S hook hangers that come with these do not work for us as we have to hang them high to keep out raccoons and occasionally a bear. We had to make our own hangers. Not a major issue. 3) Perches seem like they might need to be just a smidge closer to the base for our Ruby Throats. They don't seem to use the perches on these feeders as much as they do the perches on our other Perky Pets and the other brands that we have. Overall these are wonderful feeders. They come apart easily for cleaning and go back together just as easily and the capacity has sure kept our hummingbird feeding from being a nearly full time job at the peak of the season. I have always been a fan of the small Perky Pet "cinch waist" feeder as have the hummers. These have always been their favorites, but keeping 8 oz feeders filled for the number of birds we have is truly impossible. Our hummers find this new feeder a very close second.

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Q.Can you tell me where to buy the base for Model #209B Glass Hummingbird Feeder 30 Oz. nectar capacity?

Replacement parts are not available; however, the feeder is covered by a one-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase.

Q.Can I order a replacement glass reservoir for the hummingbird feeder model 209B?

Replacement parts are not available; however, the feeder is covered by our one-year replacement policy from the date of purchase. If this was purchased within the past year, please contact our Customer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for further assistance.     

Q.Can the 209B feeder be put in the dishwasher?

We do not recommend cleaning any of our hummingbird feeders in a dishwasher.

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  • Bird Baths - A clean and reliable water source is an excellent way to attract birds to your yard, especially those birds that do not necessarily eat seed or nectar. All birds will seek out a water supply, not only for drinking but also for keep themselves clean and healthy.
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  • Keeping your feeder clean and full of fresh bird seed is very important to the health of visiting birds. It is recommended that you clean your wild bird feeder every two weeks. more»

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Q: What criteria should I use when selecting a hummingbird feeder?

A: Make sure it is one that will be easy to clean and fill, especially since you will need to clean the feeder each week. If you are worried about bees and wasps or ants invading the feeder, purchase a hummingbird feeder with bee guards or ant guards. more»

Q: Where is the best place to hang my new hummingbird feeder?

A: Place your hummingbird feeder away from sun and wind. The sun may cause the mixture to turn bad and the wind may swing the feeder around, causing the mixture to spill. more»

Q: How do I attract hummingbirds to my feeder?

A: Hummingbirds will find your nectar feeder, although there are some steps you can take to help the tiny birds find it sooner. Tying a red ribbon on the feeder wire or pole will help them locate it. more»

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