Perky-Pet® Oriole Top-Fill Feeder

Perky-Pet® Oriole Top-Fill Feeder 9 3.2 5 1
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  • Wide-mouth Top-Fill design for easy filling
  • 5 feeding ports with perches to accommodate orioles
  • Includes optional jelly cup & orange spike attachments
  • Gasket creates a base seal around to prevent leaking
  • Holds up to 22 oz of nectar

Best Used For

Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole
Bullock's Oriole
Bullock's Oriole
Hooded Oriole
Hooded Oriole
Scott's Oriole
Altamira Oriole
Orchard Oriole
Orchard Oriole

Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder

Presenting the patented Top-Fill bottle you love – now for orioles! The Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder is a favorite of birders and orioles alike. The wide-mouth opening, and Top-Fill design ensure that filling is always easy and mess-free! While you enjoy time saved from filling and cleaning, your orioles won’t be able to resist the feeder’s long perches and bright orange color. Plus, this feeder includes optional jelly cup and orange spike attachments so you can serve their three favorite foods at once.

Unique Top-Fill Design For Easy Filling

No more messes and no more spills! Our unique feeder features patented Top-Fill technology so that filling is never a hassle. Simply remove the lid and pour up to 22 oz of nectar into the convenient wide-mouth opening to get your feeder up and running – there’s no need to invert the bottle!

unique top-fill design for easy filling
three feeders in one

Three Feeders in One

It’s no secret that orioles have a major sweet tooth. In addition to holding up to 22 oz of oriole nectar, this feeder also includes an optional jelly cup and orange spike which can be attached to the ports as desired. This allows you to serve up to three offerings in one feeder at the same time – nectar, jelly, and an orange slice! With all their favorite treats available, orioles won’t be able to resist visiting this enticing feeder.

Long Perches Accommodate Orioles

Complete with five feeding stations, the Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder will easily accommodate multiple birds at the same time. Each of the feeding stations features a long, T-shaped perch, which is perfectly sized for orioles. With the bright orange color, these features make an absolutely irresistible combination to attract orioles.

long perches accommodate orioles
comes apart for easy cleaning

Comes Apart For Easy Cleaning

Orioles prefer to visit fresh, clean feeding stations. To make that easier, this feeder disassembles for effortless cleaning. Easily separate the base, bottle and lid. You can even pull apart the base and remove the feeding ports! Remember to clean your feeder at least once per week with a mild soap and water solution to prevent mildew buildup; clean more often in hot weather.

Gasket Prevents Leaks

If you’ve ever walked outside to find drops of nectar on the ground from a leaky oriole feeder, you know how frustrating it can be. Issues like those are exactly why we’ve created this feeder with a gasket in the base. It creates a nice tight seal so there’s no more leaks!

Note: Feeders may loosen during shipment. Before filling for the first time, tighten the bottle onto the base to ensure no leaking.

gasket prevents leaks

Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder
Model # 9113-2
Height 8.25 inches
Diameter 5.30 inches
Capacity 22 oz
Ports 5
Materials Glass, plastic
Perky-Pet® Oriole Top-Fill Feeder - 22 oz
Model Number 9113-2
Weight 1.4 lb
Dimensions 11.2 in H x 8.7 in W x 8.7 in D
Capacity 22 oz

Customer Reviews

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9 Reviews
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I bought this feeder recently ...
Jul 14, 2022
I bought this feeder recently as my first Oriole feeder which was all plastic and just second season started leaking. No matter what I tried just drip,drip.. so frustrating. So I ran out and bought this one, liked the top fill and glass. The Bullocks Orioles hated it. The perches on this are very different and they move every time they take flight or land . Which causes them to take off. Then on 3rd day of waiting for them to keep trying it I noticed it was leaking too. I am beyond frustrated. I returned this feeder and am currently using a modified hummingbird feeder. It doesn't leak.. please, please go back to the drawing board, make a sturdy bottom with non moving sturdy pearches, try putting a seal/ casket inside on bottom for leak proof and a glass nectar holder, don't forget weather proof orange parts.. its very frustrating when you get these beautiful birds to want to stay around and nest and you can't keep the feeder available to them because it's leaking all the time... help please
Was this review helpful? 3
Response from Admin
Jul 16, 2022
We are sorry to hear about this Teresa! While your birds didn't care for this feeder we are glad you were able to take advantage of the 30 day return policy. - Susan
Bought this as my other ...
Jun 30, 2022
Bought this as my other Oriole feeder started leaking out the port holes, couldn't believe it.. As I have 3 pairs of Orioles coming everyday, I rushed out and bought this one, , birds hate it. They landed few times but didn't stick around , I think they didn't like perches, I like the class bottle, that the ports are up not slanted outward, but I believe they like a sturdy perch. I'm returning this.. so frustrated, don't understand why they leak after only a short time.. need rubber seal inside...
Was this review helpful? 0
Response from Admin
Jun 30, 2022
We are so sorry to hear about this! Thank you for sharing your experience, please give us a call directly if you need any assistance taking advantage of our 30 day return policy. - Susan
Go back to making the ...
May 29, 2022
Go back to making the diamond shaped plastic feeder of old as it is the only one I have found that works!
Was this review helpful? 0
Response from Admin
Jun 3, 2022
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! - Susan
I have bought 1-2 different ...
Apr 7, 2022
I have bought 1-2 different oriole feeders every year. None have been very good, until I bought this one. It’s a 3 in one, and has a top fill, easy to clean and last but not least a gasket. I am thankful I found one that seems to do the trick-thank you
Was this review helpful? 0
Verified Buyer
Sep 21, 2021
The oriole feeder is well made, but my orioles are finding it quite a change and thus a challenge from their old feeder. They have yet to use it, but the hummers are using it.
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Not good enough
Jun 9, 2021
The cheapest of the cheap, don’t buy. Get something solid, the bird bases spin every time a bird alights, put together with light pressure. Won’t last long, good idea but greed takes precedence.
Was this review helpful? 2
Great feeder!
May 14, 2021
This is the slickest nectar Oriole feeder I have had so far. It is super easy to clean, easy to fill, and works for both Orioles and Hummers. I left one Jelly cup and removed the orange picks. I have the feeder that holds the jelly jar next to it. The Orioles mainly go for the Jelly feeder but do use this one. The Hummers love it and the Orioles will drink from it but often just perch on it. Given the choice of nectar or jelly, they take the jelly. If you just want Orioles, & Finch, get the jelly jar feeder. If you want to feed Hummers & Orioles, get this one.
Was this review helpful? 0
I would recommend this feeder if one doesn't mind filling the jelly cup often.
May 27, 2020
Great idea. I do wish the jelly cup was designed differently, a little larger and higher on the downside so the jelly wouldn't melt out.
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Oriole feeder
May 16, 2020
I have rated a 3 for this product. The orioles have perched and enjoy the orange wedge that the feeder holds. They don’t really drink the nectar from the openings, they actually go to the hummingbird feeder instead. If I were to change anything on the feeder it would be to allow 2 oranges to be placed instead of 1 and do away with the small jelly cup. It is easy to clean and hopefully at some point they will start drinking the nectar !!
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