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Love the squirrel-proof clear plastic ...
Jan 31, 2024
Love the squirrel-proof clear plastic baffle. Can I purchase separately the hook and "plug piece" that fits inside the hole of the baffle? Somewhere mine was lost. Thanks
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I modified my Perky Pet ...
Feb 8, 2023
I modified my Perky Pet Cover to use on feeders with other than hooks. Don't use the hub, take a fine tooth hacksaw blade and cut grooves (1/8" wide) on either side of the center opening. It hangs level and does all the rest of the things it says.
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This baffle not using a ...
Apr 30, 2022
This baffle not using a post is not for areas with frequent strong wind! The baffle catches the wind and causes the feeder to fly around like crazy spilling the seed everywhere! Very disappointed!
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Response from Admin
May 6, 2022
Thank you for sharing this feedback. We are sorry to hear that this happened to your feeder. We generally recommend placing feeders in areas less likely to be effected by strong winds. Lauren
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Perky-Pet® Transparent Squirrel Baffler
Apr 19, 2022
I use the Transparent Squirrel Baffler as a rain guard to save the bird food from getting wet. This time of the year (April) it especially rains often. With the price of bird food today and some shortages the Baffler saves me money.
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Effective at keeping squirrels out, keeps seed dry from rain, very durable
Jan 10, 2022
Very effective and durable! Installing the old version of this finally did the trick to stop squirrels coming from above (though I still had to have another baffle to keep them coming from below). At first I thought it would be too visually jarring but it was easy to get used to it because it is effective. It might be nice if there were color options though for better camouflage. A nice side benefit of the baffle is it keeps the seed much drier when it rains. I had the old one of these baffles and it held up for about 5 years. Eventually the sun made the plastic brittle enough that when the feeder got blown over in the wind again part of it broke, but I was still able to use it to hang the feeder and keep the squirrels away. I finally replaced it when the wind knocked it down again and it finally broke too much. I see the new version has a sturdy metal hanger instead of the old plastic one so I expect this to last even longer.
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newly designed! yea!
Jun 16, 2021
Great baffle and super price (H.Depot 11.98)! Just (seemingly) vastly improved with updated one-piece hook and new design reinforced hub. New design hasn't been through a good wind yet but customer complaints about flaws seem to have been addressed! Fingers crossed in Maine.
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For now not that happy
Jun 9, 2021
I was very happy with my purchase, but after a couple of hours the squirrels had figured it out. They jumped from the tree trunk (1.5 yards) sideways on the bird feeder. By the next morning I had no longer a bird house, but a squirrel house. Our next experiment will be hanging the bird house further from the trunk and attaching the baffler closer to the house, hoping no bird gets hurt.
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Just what I have been looking for!
Jun 7, 2021
Excellent product and great value! I have been searching for a large acrylic baffle for the bird feeder and they are very difficult to find. I did find a similar item at a feed and seed store for twice the price. Found this product at Lowe’s at a great price. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
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Redesigned hook a huge improvement!
Mar 19, 2021
My main complaint about my previous Bafflers is that the two-piece plastic hook would unscrew from time to time due to rotation from the wind. I had several bird feeders damaged from the ~12ft fall to ground level. The last 2 falls also damaged 2 Bafflers. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my shipment of 3 new Bafflers to see that the hook was now a one piece metal hook! Huge improvement; goodbye to falling bird feeders!
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Definitely Recommended
Mar 1, 2021
This squirrel baffle I have employed successfully since 2017, and right upto the present day. This is my Amazon review which I share here: Employed over a suspended feeder, it is effective, very effective...including as a means of some protection from the rain. But some find its tipping function leaves it prey to the wind and, so - to those people - it is unsatisfactory. For those people, then, my utterly successful remedy was to reverse the fitting in the dome...turn the whole hooks' apparatus upside down, then to GENTLY insert the wide part into the domes' aperture. This can be safely done, and pushed right home, giving a firm fit. Thus, it no longer tips and the wind is no longer a problem, it helps protect from the rain, and the squirrels are incapable of getting past it, they just slide off it. Those very few that really try, FAIL, for the whole feeder and baffle/ dome sway to one side and the squirrel topples off immediately. That is my remedy for those people who, unlike myself, do not find it satisfactory. Myself, as I stated at the beginning, know it to be very effective indeed in its regular assembly, so definitely recommended.
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