More Birds® Jewel Glass Hummingbird Feeder, Red - 20 oz

More Birds® Jewel Glass Hummingbird Feeder, Red - 20 oz 20 3.5 5 1
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  • Wide opening and flat bottle for easy filling
  • Disassembles into three pieces for easy cleaning
  • Perch ring allows hummingbirds to rest while feeding
  • Polished copper accents on metal basin top with an 8-sided glass bottle design in red or amethyst featuring hummingbird motifs
  • Holds 20 oz of nectar
  • Built-in hanger for easy hanging

Hummingbirds are nature’s gems, so attract more hummingbirds to bedeck your backyard with a More Birds® Jewel Hummingbird Feeder! This vintage 8-sided glass bottle design comes in red or amethyst options and features elegant hummingbird motifs that add a splash of bygone beauty to your backyard. With polished copper accents, the Jewel is built with a durable metal basin cap that includes 5 metal flower feeding ports in polished red. The wide opening and flat bottle make it easy to fill, and the feeder disassembles into three pieces for convenient cleaning. The Jewel features a metal perch ring that provides hummingbirds a place to rest while feeding. A built-in hanger is included for easy hanging. With a 20 oz capacity, the Jewel provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more!

Cleaning: Dirty feeders spread disease. We recommend disinfecting your nectar feeders every three to five days, or more frequently if you notice your nectar has become cloudy. Do not put your feeder in the dishwasher as the high temperatures can permanently damage the feeder parts. Soak all parts in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Use a bird feeder brush to brush away grime inside the feeder.

More Birds® Jewel Glass Hummingbird Feeder, 20 oz Capacity
Sku 76IN
Capacity 20 oz
Number of Ports 5
Dimensions 10"h x 5.75"w x 5.75"d
Mounting Hang
Squirrel-Resistant No
Construction Glass, metal & plastic
Made In China

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Beautiful Hummingbird Feeders and Excellent Customer Service
Aug 29, 2023
These feeders are very attractive and the Hummingbirds love them. However after having them for only 2 months the inside of the lids to the bottoms are starting to rust where the sugar water touches them. I fear that the rust will be hazardous to the Hummingbirds. The reason for a 5 star review is due to the excellent Customer Service. I called with my concerns and the person that I spoke to was very pleasant and professional. She proceeded to listen to my concerns and then solved my problem by replacing the feeders with a different type of my choice. I have 4 of this brand's feeders and will continue to buy these knowing that the Company backs their products.
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It is beautiful, easy to ...
Jul 26, 2023
It is beautiful, easy to use and the birds enjoy being to rest on the perch as they drink BUT I have been using this daily for two weeks and the base is starting to rust! The rust isnt even my biggest issue, though; there are no bee guards for this feeder or at least I have not been able to find any that fit properly. I am going to use the bottle for decor and just get a new feeder.
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Response from Admin
Jul 26, 2023
We're sorry to hear your feeder started to rust despite the rust-resistant coating! Our feeders are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty for replacement. Please contact us at 800-352-9164 for assistance, we're happy to help!
I'd give these bottles 5 ...
Jun 24, 2023
I'd give these bottles 5 stars except for one BIG problem: the metal part of the feeder's base rusts eventually BUT THERE'S NO WAY TO BUY REPLACEMENT PARTS!!!! So frustrating! On the other hand, the bottles are lovely, and there are a few different jewel-like colors to choose from if you look around (i.e. not here). So I guess I'll have to buy the bottles to get the bases. Uh, no, I don't think so.
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Had this feeder for 2 ...
May 23, 2023
Had this feeder for 2 years and underside of metal plate is rusty. So dumb not to make this plastic or composite of some type and also not have replacement parts. I'll try sanding and clear-coating as suggested, but if anyone knows of another way to McGyver something from another manufacturer, that'd be swell. $25 for a feeder for a year or two of use is a waste, but the hummies liked it.
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Pretty Rusty
Mar 8, 2023
I have 2 of these red glass feeders. They are beautiful. This will be the third year that I have refinished the metal plate by sanding, using rust remover and repainting. The rust comes back because it is exposed to water constantly. Do you really think they are worth $24.99?
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Response from Admin
Mar 9, 2023
We're sorry to hear your feeders have rusted! They are treated to be rust-resistant and are covered by a 1-year manufacturer replacement policy. Please give us a call at 855-737-5973 for assistance, we're happy to help.
Can still be the best feeder sold, here is how to fix them!
Nov 19, 2022
I still own 3 OLDER Versions MADE WITH a COPPER FLOWER FEEDING PLATE! I Needed more & purchased a 4 pack. New ones are Now Made of STEEL that RUST! I carefully Sanded & CLEAR COATED the UNDERSIDE of the FLOWER FEEDING PLATE with RUSTOLIUM CLEAR COAT ENAMEL. WAIT A MONTH OR MORE TO DRY & FULLY HARDEN. Works fine now! Sand & recoat if needed. Still the best feeder I can find. Good Luck!
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Response from Admin
Nov 22, 2022
Thank you for sharing this feedback. We apologize for this experience and have shared these comments and concerns with our Product Manager for review. Replacement parts are not available for our feeders; however, they are covered under a one year replacement policy. Reach out to us directly with any questions.
Out of four brands my favorite
Oct 2, 2022
This is the favorite of both the hummingbirds and myself. I have the amethyst one hanging alongside two antique glass perky pet feeders and a bolite blue ball feeder and two of the smaller best birds feeders . This one gets fought over and drained fastest. It’s easy to fill and clean because the mouth of the bottle is big enough. It doesn’t leak and the syrup flows down to the dish well . There’s perches for five to sit and sip. Highly recommend! I’m getting the red one too
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Poor Build
Oct 2, 2022
Attractive feeder, though poor design. The metal top with the 5-feeding ports has rusted on the underside tainting the nectar. Hummingbirds visit but do not feed. We hung our feeder about 3-months ago.
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Can't Recommend...
Oct 2, 2022
Initially, the hummers liked this feeder - but like others; we also have noticed them not using it so much any more. Why? The metal top, which the flowers are attached to - may be polished on top, but the underside - which comes in contact with the water - has rusted! This rust is then leaching into the water, possibly poisoning the water - or at the very least tainting the flavor. This poses a danger to the birds! This feeder, along with all others which have a metal top like this are doing the same thing I am sure. They all need to be replaced with a plastic top that will not rust! As a consequence to this flaw, I would not recommend this to anyone...
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Rust on the Lids (DANGEROUS)
Oct 2, 2022
Just like the rust comments my new 3 feeders also have rust underneath the lids and I will be returning these for a refund.. I suggest no one purchase these beautiful feeders since it is not safe for our beautiful Hummingbirds.. I don’t fill them up full and change the water every other day cleaning the feeders.
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Can I purchase replacement metal basin tops?
Question by: Alby Allen on May 6, 2023, 11:14 PM
While we do not offer direct sales on our site, you may be able to find replacements from other retailers such as Amazon.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 9, 2023, 11:04 AM
Need replacement flowers but dont see any to order. Also have a rust problem under lids.
Question by: Schuebl on May 7, 2023, 8:25 AM
Replacement parts are not available for this feeder.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 9, 2023, 11:10 AM
How do you clean the narrow mouth bottle? Bottle brushes don't fit.
Question by: Rick on May 2, 2023, 9:58 AM
Our Cleaning Mop is a good option to get any harder to reach nooks and crannies.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 8, 2023, 2:02 PM
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