Wild Bird Feeding with Seed Feeders

One of the easiest ways to attract wild birds to your backyard is to hang a seed feeder. Perky-Pet® offers an extensive line of seed feeder that can be divided into four main types of bird feeders: hopper feeders, squirrel resistant feeders, tube feeders, and sip and seed feeders - which allow you to offer both water and seed from one bird feeder.

Different types of feeders are designed for different types of birds and/or seed, and in some cases water. Read on to see what feeders would best suit your backyard needs.

Sip and Seed

How to Attract More Birds AND Save Money!

new sip and seed bird feeder - exclusively oursBelieve it or not, providing water for wild birds is just as important as providing seed. Birding is the most popular hobby in North America, second to gardening. So, it’s evident that there are many birders out there always on the lookout for new ideas about bird feeding and how to attract more birds.

However, rough economic times have been difficult on many of us who love our hobbies, but do not want to give them up. However, the cost of bird seed is leaving some hobbyists baffled as to how they can continue to enjoy birding without breaking the bank. Water is plentiful, inexpensive, and it attracts just as many birds, if not more, than seed.

birds at birdbath

It has been proved that a water source in your backyard is a simple and effective way of drawing in birds. Birds need water for not only drinking, but also for cleaning their feathers so they can fly properly. By providing a fresh source of water, you can attract many species of birds that may otherwise fly on by.

According to the University of Cornell Lab of Ornithology publication, BirdNotes, birds need water to survive. In fact, some birds that normally would not visit backyards for seed will visit for water. Birds use water for various reasons, not just for quenching their thirst. Water is used for bathing, cleaning their feathers, and to remove parasites. A supply of water also increases the value of a backyard habitat – providing an all-inclusive retreat for birds and a perfect setting to observe their behavior.

Sip and Seed Bird FeedersHave you seen the Sip and Seed feeders? The Sip and Seeds feature a technology which allows for a 3-way use – seed and water, seed only, or water only. In today’s economy many commodities have increased in cost - bird seed included. Still, birding enthusiasts everywhere can continue their hobby without much interruption by providing a lower cost source such as water.

Sip & Seed Wild Bird  Feeders

The Sip and Seed feeders are the latest, most conventional feeders for bird hobbyists. A pair of cylinder glass or plastic tubes, complete with designer facets, hangs perpendicular from a decorative copper hook. Either the Garden Sip and Seed or Copper Sip and Seed would complete any bird-friendly environment, as well as adding a nice touch of style.

Remember water is important, but don’t stop feeding these feathered friends. Think of food alternatives such as mealworms, peanuts, citrus fruits, or plant a few shrubs that produce berries for birds to feed from. Cranberry bushes, winterberry and evergreen holly, as well as arrowwood viburnum are all good options.

hummingbird at birdbath

A fresh water supply is crucial for birds, not just as a place to drink, but also to keep clean. For this reason, a water supply will draw in birds that do not eat seed, and that you would not normally see with a bird feeder alone.

If you have the space available to hang or mount a bird bath, this would be the perfect addition to your backyard. But you can use any large shallow container (such as a pan or bowl) instead. Bird baths, like your bird feeders should be cleaned regularly to keep a safe, disease-free environment for your feathered friends.

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