Costa's Hummingbird

Costa's Hummingbird

This small hummingbird, the Costa's Hummingbird, is named after French nobleman Louis Marie Pantaleon Costa, Marquis de Beauregard.

This unique hummingbird has a spectacular courtship ritual in which the male Costa's hummingbird performs an amazing show for the female Costa's hummingbird in hopes of attracting her as a mate.


Appearance of the Costa's Hummingbird

Named after French nobleman Louis Marie Pantaleon Costa, Marquis de Beauregard, this small hummingbird, the Costa's hummingbird, fortunately was not given the Marquis' full name!

The male Costa's hummingbird has a green and black back and flanks and a small black tail with patches of white below its tail.

The male Costa's hummingbird sports a vibrant purple cap and has throat feathers that flare out behind its head. The female Costa's hummingbird, not as distinct as the male, is gray-green above and white on its underparts.

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Geography of the Costa's Hummingbird

The Costa’s hummingbird roams the southwestern United States and the Baja Peninsula into Mexico.

The wintering range of the Costa’s hummingbird is not a wide one since many stay where they are year-round, although some do head further into Mexico.

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Local Environments of the Costa's Hummingbird

The Costa's hummingbird can usually be found in the arid deserts and gardens of its range.

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