Appearance of the Bullock’s Oriole

Bullock's Oriole

The Bullock's Oriole, a small blackbird, at one time was linked to the Baltimore Oriole as one species, referred to as the Northern Oriole. Molecular research established that other than their visual appearance and similar behavioral traits, the two species are completely different.

From time to time, the Bullock’s Oriole and Baltimore Oriole meet and interbreed in areas where their ranges overlap.

The adult Bullock’s Oriole has a pointed bill, long tail, dark brown eyes and gray legs and feet. The adult male Bullock's Oriole has an orange face, rump and underparts and is black in all other areas with the exception of a white patch on the wing. The adult female Bullock's Oriole is a dull hue of yellow on the breast and belly with gray-brown upperparts.

The song of the Bullock’s Oriole is a series of whistled notes and rattles, with chatter as a call. The male and female Bullock's Oriole sing similar songs but the female tune ends with harsher notes.

Geography of the Bullock's Oriole


The Bullock’s Oriole breeds from southern British Columbia southward to Texas and Mexico, lingering from the Rocky Mountains west. The Bullock's Oriole migrates to Mexico and Central America for the winter.

Local Environments of the Bullock's Oriole

The Bullock’s Oriole prefers the deciduous or mixed forest edges found in North America.

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