Orchard Oriole

This oriole often builds its nest in orchards, hence, its name the Orchard Oriole.

The Orchard Oriole is a small species of blackbird loosely territorial and a bit solitary. In areas of dense nesting, such as urban areas, one tree may contain multiple Orchard Oriole nests.

Food Preferences

Nesting Habits of Orchard Orioles

Orchard Orioles build their nests in orchards, gardens, and suburban areas.

The nests of Orchard Orioles are constructed of grass woven into a cup shape. After lining them with fine grass, plant down, wool and feathers, the Orchard Orioles hang their nests from the fork of a tree branch out on the limb. These nests contain 3-7 Orchard Oriole eggs that are light blue with black markings.


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