Appearance of Spot-Breasted Orioles

Spot-Breasteed Oriole

Male and female adult Spot-Breasted Orioles look alike, which is common in bird species residing in tropical areas. Both sexes of Spot-Breasted orioles possess a black face and bib back and a long black tail.

The sides of their breasts are spotted with black, earning the species its name. The back of the head and underportions of Spot-Breasted Orioles are orange. Spot-Breasted orioles have long, pointed bills, dark eyes and bluish-gray legs.

One of the medium-sized orioles, Spot-Breasted Orioles, were primarily residents of Mexico until 1949, when the species was accidentally introduced to southern Florida, most likely occurring when a couple of Spot-Breasted Orioles escaped from a shipment.

The song of female Spot-Breasted Orioles is simple and comes in a series of whistles. The call of Spot-Breasted Orioles is loud and nasal-sounding.

Forest on Mountains

Geography of Spot-Breasted Orioles

Accidentally introduced to southeastern Florida in 1949, Spot-Breasted Orioles also reside from Southern Mexico through Costa Rica. The Spot-Breasted Orioles stay year-round in their habitat.

Local Environments of Spot-Breasted Orioles

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