Bluebirds are a common sight to see all over North America. They’re members of the thrush family which are known for their colorful feathers and cheerful songs.

Because of their complacent nature, Bluebirds almost disappeared from North America completely. More aggressive birds were taking over their nesting areas and the Bluebirds couldn’t compete. Through the help of individuals across the country setting up bird houses, these beautiful birds are once again a common sight!

Food Preferences

Nesting Habits of the Bluebird

Bluebirds are foragers who eat a wide variety of berries and insects. Berries they prefer are mistletoe, blueberries, currants, juniper berries, wild holly and sumac to name a few. The insects they most often go after include grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, caterpillars and spiders.

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