Appearance of the Common Grackle

Common Grackle

Although the name does not sound spectacular, the Common Grackle has an eye-catching metallic purple and bronze color. The large male blackbird has a glossy purple or green head, neck and breast. Some types of the Grackle have a bronze body while other types are purple throughout the body.

The female grackle is smaller than the male and not quite as flashy in coloring. These birds grow 11-13 inches in length and weigh between 2 1/2 ounces to 5 ounces.

Interestingly, the Common Grackle lets ants crawl up its body, most likely to eat any parasites that are clinging to its body. If ants cannot be found, this bird has been observed using lemons, walnut juice and mothballs for that purpose.

Geography of the Common Grackle

Although it is most common in eastern North America from Canada to Florida, the Common Grackle has begun expanding into the western parts of the continent.

Local Environments of the Common Grackle

Common Grackle Habitat

True to its name, however, the Common Grackle is found in many types of open places including swamps and parks as well as agricultural and residential areas. is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


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