How to Repel Squirrels

If you've never tried squirrel repellents, then it may be the right time to give them a try.

The tested, effective squirrel-resistant and squirrel-control products by Havahart® are a great alternative to other methods.

Drive Squirrels Away

A squirrel repellent is an efficient way to create squirrel-resistance areas surrounding your bird feeder. Perkypet.com offers Havahart® Critter Ridder, a pepper-based, OMRI Listed®, deterrent available in both liquid and granular applications. One application of Critter Ridder® works as a squirrel repellent up to 30 days, helping you to create squirrel-resistant areas around your feeders.

For a long-term squirrel repellent or squirrel-resistant option, the Spray Away® device may be the best alternative. Convenient, easy-to-use and harmless to animals and pets, Spray Away® is a motion-activated water gun that blasts squirrels with a spray of water, training them to stay away from the area.

Take Squirrels Away

Another option in the battle against squirrels is to humanely trap them and remove them from your property. Havahart® also offers several squirrel- and chipmunk-sized traps that you can set near your feeders. Once you successfully capture one, cover the trap with a blanket, transport it to the appropriate setting and release it.

These squirrel repellents along with your other efforts can really make a difference in the battle to keep your feeders a birds-only affair!


Physically stopping squirrels from reaching your feeders is another option to add to your squirrel-resistance arsenal. Caged feeders, mentioned above, are one method. You can also try adding squirrel baffles to your feeders, feeder poles and hanging lines.

A squirrel baffle is a clear plastic dome with a sloped, slick surface that gives the squirrel nothing to cling to while advancing toward a feeder. If it tries to climb on the baffle, the squirrel loses its grip and slides off. Baffles can be placed on the hanging line above your feeder or below your feeder on the mounting pole.

Special Feeders

Some bird feeders are specifically designed with a built-in baffle, including the legendary K-Feeders. Many large-capacity feeders have this convenient feature. Some of our feeders with built-in baffles are:

Baffle types

Dome-shaped squirrel baffles have a rounded shape and can be used on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders. Squirrels will not be able to access the feeder at all because when they land on the baffle it will tip and they will immediately fall off.

There are also cone-shaped baffles. They are similar to an upside down funnel shape, placed on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders.

Flat, platform baffles are not recommended because of the flat shape. A squirrel has a better chance of sticking to this type of baffle.

Squirrel Resistant Bird Seed & Food

Another option is to make your bird seed taste spicy with cayenne pepper. Just shake this pepper powder, which you can find at a grocery store, directly on your bird seed. Your squirrels will try it, spit it out when it torches their taste buds and start looking for another meal elsewhere. If the powder isn’t effective at first, try increasing the dosage.

Can the birds taste it? No. They don’t have the same sense of taste, so they keep eating cayenne-covered bird seed as if nothing had changed.

Be aware though – there are reports of squirrels who grow a tolerance to cayenne pepper. Others may be hungry enough that they simply don’t care how hot it tastes.

Pole mounts

Pole Guards are a great option to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your bird feeder. The guard fits over the pole, blocking the squirrel from climbing up. Make sure to measure your pole first to make sure it will work. Some smaller diameter poles will not work with this type of squirrel baffle.


Of course, you may decide that all of the above is just too much hard work. If you do, then there is another option – you can start feeding squirrels rather than fighting them!

In fact, by providing them with food elsewhere, they may very well stay completely away from your hard-to-reach bird feeders.

Squirrel foods

To do so, try offering them the seeds and nuts that they really love. Cracked corn and corn cobs are among their favorites. Cracked corn can be spread out on the ground, on a table or offered in a hopper feeder.

Peanuts are another favorite. The easiest thing to offer squirrels are unsalted, in-the-shell peanuts. Like corn, you can place these on the ground, a table or in a hopper-style feeder with large openings. Another idea is to teach your squirrels to take peanuts from your hand. This keeps them occupied as they wait for you!

Of course, by offering corn and peanuts, you’ll also be helping birds too. These are favorites of many species!


Your struggles against the squirrels raiding your bird feeders can be trying at times. Squirrels have a lot of time -- a lot more than you do – to test your bird feeders’ defenses. Sometimes they will break through, but you can stop them! It just takes a lot of trial and error on your part.

Our ultimate advice is this: Try appreciating them as much as you appreciate the birds at your feeders. Don’t let them drive you crazy – treat your squirrel-proofing efforts as a challenge to you. You’ll have successes and failures, and so will they.

With that in mind, we wish you the best of luck in your efforts. You can beat them – and Perky-Pet® will always be here to help you do it!

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