Deck Your Yard with Winter Bird Feeding Essentials

Deck Your Yard with Winter Bird Feeding Essentials

As the holiday season approaches, you’ll see more and more houses wrapped in glowing strands of lights and ornamented with bountiful greenery and wreaths. You may find yourself wanting more options to make your home stand out from everyone else on the street. If you feed wild birds, you’ll also face the task of supplying plenty of cold-weather sustenance for your feathered friends.

But who says you can’t feed your birds and deck the halls at the same time? If you’re as much of a bird fanatic as we are, then this convenient guide will help you adorn your yard for winter with functional décor your birds are sure to love!

Best Feeders for Winter Bird Feeding

There are countless ways to spread holiday cheer around your house while simultaneously feeding your feathered friends. One obvious way is to add some decorative bird feeders. Thankfully, Perky-Pet® has plenty of festive options to do the job!

Winter Favorites

Nothing says “winter wonderland” quite like these Perky-Pet® bird feeder favorites! These charming feeders do more than just add a decorative flair to your yard, they also provide a convenient place for multiple birds to cling and dine on seed or suet. Made of durable materials and featuring stunning designs, these feeders are sure to be a focal point in your yard for years to come.

Holiday Colors

If you’re looking for a winter feeder that also contributes to your holiday color scheme, Perky-Pet® has a variety of options for you! Our fan-favorite Seed Ball Feeders and Gazebo Bird Feeders come in two festive colors to accentuate your seasonal outdoor décor. The seed balls’ ornament-style silhouette and gazebos’ decorative design will have your outdoor trees looking as great as the one inside!

Winter Accents

For a timeless look, trim your backyard trees with these classic feeders from Perky-Pet®! Whether you need to protect against squirrels or add a rustic touch to your outdoor décor, these festive feeders are sure to complement the beauty of your snow-covered yard. Each feeder holds plenty of seed, so your birds will have an adequate food supply and you will have hours of bird-watching enjoyment!

Prepare the Winter Feast

Certain feeders are good for specific types of birds – the same goes for the types of food you supply. To attract the most birds, it is best to offer up a variety of seed types and other food options. For example, if you are partial to cardinals, try dried fruit and cracked peanuts with black oil sunflower and safflower seeds.

Winter bird feeding also calls for foods with a high fat and protein content. During the colder months when insects are scarce, our feathered friends need to consume plenty of calories from other sources to keep warm. In addition to the black oil sunflower seeds and peanuts mentioned above, suet is a great way to provide calories. This pure fat food is perfect for winter birds and you can serve it alongside your preferred seed in a feeder with a suet cage.

Handmade Holiday Bird Feeders

Feeling creative? In addition to winter-themed bird feeders from Perky-Pet®, there are also a few handmade holiday feeder options you can add to your yard for the birds to enjoy! Plus, they make a great seasonal craft project that allows the whole family to get in on the fun.

1. Popcorn Garlands

You know those strands of popcorn some people use to decorate their trees indoors? Well, try hanging them outside and let the birds have a feast! All it takes is a needle, some thread, and unsalted popcorn! If you’re feeling festive, you can also add some cranberries to the mix. It’s certainly a fun activity to do with the kids. Once you’re done, wrap them around the trees in your yard and watch the birds enjoy!

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2. Suet Wreath

This one is a great winter project. All you need to make your own is peanut butter, rendered suet, bird seed and dried berries. If this is your first time making it, follow a recipe for homemade suet. Use a Bundt pan to create a perfect mold for a wreath-like silhouette. Finally, tie with some wide, decorative ribbon to hang from the trees around your home. It looks cute, and the birds will enjoy eating it up!

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3. Pinecone Feeder

Pinecone feeders are easy to do and offer a lot of room to adapt them to your preferences. Start by collecting some of the pinecones scattered around your yard – the bigger the better! Then, tie some string to the top of each. Next, smear peanut butter and cornmeal into the cracks and then roll the pinecones in birdseed so that it sticks to the peanut butter. Feel free to add nuts, berries and unsweetened cereal as well depending on the birds you want to attract. Hang them around your yard as edible ornaments for the birds.

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How Are You Decorating?

Decorating your yard with a mixture of lights, festive feeders, and other edible decor is sure to make your home stand out on the block. Passers-by and visiting birds are sure to appreciate your effort.

Do you have other great ideas for decorating with winter bird feeders? Visit our Facebook page to share your pictures and ideas with the Perky-Pet® community! Want to receive more great advice about bird feeding? Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter. By doing so, you’ll also get exclusive updates on our best-selling bird feeders and bird feeding accessories.


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