Seasonal Bird Feeding Tips - Summer

Bird feeding is a year-round activity, so don't take your feeders down when the warm weather comes. You may miss out on the cardinal and his mate feeding in the spring. Or you could miss adult birds bringing their offspring in the summer to teach them about your feeding source.

Read below for more spring, summer, fall, and winter bird feeding tips. can help you select the right seeds for the right season to enhance your bird watching year round.


Bird Feeding Tips In the Summer

Summer Bird feeding Tips

Summertime feeding helps reduce the stress of nesting at a time when natural seed supplies are at their lowest. Here are some bird feeding tips to make summertime bird feeding pleasurable for you and the birds:

Remember to clean your nectar feeder frequently! Sugar solutions can quickly ferment in the hot sun. Clean your feeder thoroughly with a bottle brush before refilling. It would be best to clean your nectar feeder at least once a week, and more often in hot weather.

If wild birds are creating a mess of shells and seeds under your feeder, consider adding a seed tray to catch all the debris. It eliminates waste and adds extra space for birds to land and eat. Clean your wild bird feeders once every two weeks.


Bird Feeding Tips Beyond Summer

In the late fall and winter, heavy snowfalls bury natural sources of wild bird food. In addition, most of the lush berry and seed-laden vegetation of spring and summer has withered and blown away, and most insect species are either dead or dormant. Because food is scarce, winter bird feeding tips are extremely important.

In the springtime, feeding provides the supplemental nourishment that birds need to recover from migration.

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