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What's the best way to bring hummingbirds to your yard? Hummingbird feeders, of course! Luckily for you, Perky-Pet® offers a wide selection of options specifically designed for these iridescent backyard beauties. Better yet—our collections of Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders are sure to please both the birds and you. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to suit your needs.

All the feeders in our Top-Fill collections are ultra-easy to fill so you can spend less time filling and more time watching the birds. Simply remove the lip and pour the nectar into the bottle. There's no need to turn the feeder upright after filling, because it already is! Not only is it convenient, but it also prevents spills.

Less time filling, more time watching

Not only are Perky-Pet® Top-Fill feeders easy to fill, they're equally easy to clean. Top-Fill feeders all have a removable base and removable flower feeding ports to allow for thorough cleaning. When cleaning is less of a chore, you'll be more willing to do it as often as your hungry hummers desire!

You'll be happy to know these feeders are all about hummingbird comfort and preferences! Each feeding port is soft and flexible so it's gentler on beaks, offering a more natural look and feel as they feed.

Learn more about our selection of Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders below. But hurry, your hummingbirds are waiting.

Decorative Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders

Our collection of decorative Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders incorporates the most innovative hummingbird feeder technology to date. Each feeder in this line is made of hardened glass in an array of colors, textures, and designs. With everything from a classy monochrome color to a vintage barrel design, you’re sure to find the perfect feeder to fit your style.

Hummingbirds are accustomed to drinking nectar from flowers. That’s why we’ve designed the feeding ports to resemble the look and feel of the real flowers hummingbirds visit in nature. The unique feeding ports feature a long, tapered stem that prevents bees from gaining access to the nectar, while hummingbirds will have no trouble at all. It’s a natural way of deterring bees without adding extra parts for you to clean.

Lastly, our decorative Top-Fill feeders feature a patent-pending gasket in the base. It creates a nice tight seal at the seams so there’s no more frustrating leaks! Your days of cleaning up drips from leaky hummingbird feeders are over!

The Perky-Pet Line of Decorative Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders

Shop our full line of Decorative Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders.

Traditional Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders

Perky-Pet® Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders also come in a more traditional style with the red and pink accents you know and love. So, if you love our classic silhouette, these feeders are for you! They are available in both glass and plastic options in a variety of shapes and capacities ranging from 8 oz to 48 oz.

Each feeder comes equipped with soft flower-shaped feeding ports – some red, some white, some yellow. Several feeders in the collection also boasts perches so hummingbirds can take a load off while they dine. Meanwhile, the clear nectar reservoirs allow you to easily monitor nectar levels at a glance, so you always know when it’s time to refill.

Last, but not least, all our traditional Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders include a built-in ant moat to provide a line of defense against unwanted ant invaders. To use, simply fill the cap with water to create a barrier that stops them from crawling down to the ports.

Traditional Glass and Plastic Hummingbird Feeders

Shop our Core GlassTraditional Glass and Traditional Plastic Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders.

How do Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeders Work?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: simply remove the lid, pour nectar into the wide-mouth opening, and replace the lid! While the Top-Fill design is simple from a user’s perspective, there’s a lot going on inside to make it work. As the reservoir fills, nectar flows into the base via a valve where a float rises to seal off the flow of nectar when the basin is full. As hummingbirds feed or the bottle is filled, the float rises and lowers with the nectar levels to keep it from leaking out of the ports.

Less time filling, more time watching

For Additional Tips...

On hanging your feeder, go to our Wild Bird Feeding Tips section.

On cleaning your feeder, go to our Feeder Care section.

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