Types of Hummingbird Feeders

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Types of Decorative Hummingbird Feeders

What could be more captivating than watching the delightful antics of hummingbirds in your backyard? Hummingbirds are attracted to our feeders like bees are to flowers.

decorative hummingbird feeder

Our decorative hummingbird feeders are just the thing to entice these colorfully feathered friends over to feed and perch. Due to the hummingbird’s extremely high metabolism, they burn calories incredibly fast and need to consume more than their weight in food each day to thrive.

Give them a good reason to dine at your place!

decorative hummingbird feeder

With our decorative feeder as the focal point of your outdoor living space, make your backyard the perfect place for hummingbirds to hover, perch and feed. Or, put up several to create points of interest throughout your birdscape.

The nectar reservoirs are made of glass, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles (antique bottle, cylindrical, fluted and pot-style). They are available with hand-painted, colored or clear glass, with some having metal and plastic components.

As hummingbirds swarm to your beautiful decorative feeders, your family and friends will be fascinated and charmed by their flashing aerial antics. These hanging glass nectar containers are sure to turn your backyard into a hub of hummingbird activity!

Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeders

We’ve brought back vintage times with our antique bottle hummingbird feeders!

antique hummingbird feeder

In the old days, liquid containers were often made of thick deeply etched glass. Aesthetically pleasing, nostalgic and substantial, these bottles are a collector's dream. We've recreated these relics of bygone days as hummingbird feeders for our favorite flying friends. We've taken the antique bottle shape, turned it upside down, added a sturdy metal hanger at the top, and a lip opening under the metal perching tray at the bottom.

Simple to fill - with only three pieces to open and close – the antique glass bottle easily screws into the pewter, copper or brushed silver metal tray base. Beneath that is a plastic support to reinforce it. The thick antique glass bottle holds up to 10 ounces of nectar, and the base has four flower-shaped feeding ports to give your iridescent beauties good places to feed. Best of all, the unit doesn’t drip or leak. More good news: the antique glass bottle feeders are remarkably easy to clean and to keep clean – and that’s so important! For healthy and happy hummers, a clean birdfeeder is a true haven. Mold is less likely to form in glass feeders; but you can never be too sure. Clean yours out every three or four days for good measure. Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeders are available in clear, cobalt (blue), ruby (red) and sea green glass. Choose the color you like best, or select all four to brighten up your backyard with splashes of bright color. And, you can also select the glass that has swirls, light lines or delicate squares etched in. These glass hummingbird feeders are a “perfect concert” of classic styling, easy assembly, simple clean out, and flock-worthy appeal. Your family and friends will notice them, but more importantly, so will your vivid, vibrant hummingbird visitors. They make a great gift for any hummingbird fancier ... or for you.

Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeders

glass hummingbird feeder

Reminiscent of the 1800's blue glass canning jars, these feeders are sure to add rustic appeal to your backyard while attracting the hummingbirds.

Colored Glass Hummingbird Feeders

glass hummingbird feeder

The nectar reservoirs come in a variety of colors, each defining the overall appearance of our decorative hummingbird feeders. Choose the color of glass you like best. The bases are made of glass or metal.

Decorative Accents Hummingbird Feeders

Elegant Accents

Accented with decorative icons, our elegant hummingbird feeders are made of glass or plastic. Choose one (or more) of these select feeders to create a beautiful display in your yard, and birds and neighbors will flock to it. The bases are made of glass, acrylic or metal.

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