Types of Oriole Feeders

Oriole feeders are designed to hold (a sugar and water solution). The nectar container of an oriole feeder is usually made of glass or plastic.

Oriole feeders often have orange-colored designs or some orange coloring to attract the orioles, the nectar is also normally orange or clear with a citrus flavoring.

Always be sure to clean your oriole feeders at least once a week, more often in warmer weather.

Top Fill Feeders

Oriole Feeders - Traditional vs Top Fill

Top Fill Oriole Feeders

Most oriole feeders on the market fill from a small opening at the bottom of the nectar container. These traditional oriole feeders are usually referred to as Bottom Fill feeders.

Perky-Pet® created a series of Top Fill feeders that could be easily and conveniently filled. The wide mouth top made the Top Fill oriole feeders both effortless to fill and easy to clean.

These Top Fill oriole feeders did not need to be turned upright like a traditional style feeder, creating a smaller chance of spilling nectar and creating a mess.

As of 2015, we have discontinued this line of Oriole Feeders. We continue to offer Bottom Fill Oriole Feeders and an Oriole Jelly Feeder".


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