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Oriole Feeders - Jelly

Did you know that orioles love grape jelly? Use jelly feeders as another way to attract them to your yard!

The Perky-Pet® Oriole Jelly Feeder Jelly Oriole Feederis one of the most innovative jelly feeders on the market. Securely hang the feeder from one point with the three chain hanging system. The inverted plastic jelly jar keeps your jelly fresh, clean and dry to prevent molding. This patented design includes a jelly stirrer. The jelly stirrer is a knob on the bottom of the feeder that allows you to turn to dispense the adequate amount of jelly for your orioles. The bottom portion of the feeder is a built-in tray and will accommodate the larger sized orioles.

Simply add jelly, turn the knob and watch as the beautiful orange beauties come by to feed!

The purple tinted, weatherproof bottle can hold 32 oz of grape jelly. Or, the bottle can be interchanged with most standard 32 oz jelly jars so there’s no need to scoop out the jelly to fill the jar.

Remember to clean your jelly feeders every few days to prevent spoiling and to make sure your orioles are receiving the freshest jelly supply.

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