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Painted Bunting

Attracting the Painted Bunting

Painted Buntings are seed eaters. Their short conical bills make it easy for them to crack open their favorite treats with a simple, quick action.

Attracting these buntings to your feeder can take a lot of patience on your part. These birds are shy and prefer to skulk in the underbrush that they love. Your best bet for feeder placement is to place a tube or hopper feeder in a quiet corner of your yard.

They also tend to be shy around large birds, so a caged bird feeder can also help spur them to visit your feeders.

During the winter months, the House Sparrow enjoys feasting at thistle seed feeders.

Painted Bunting Food

In the wild, Painted Buntings eat seeds nearly all year. For a brief span during breeding season, they will eat insects, including grasshoppers, beetles, snails and various bugs and spiders.

They will harvest seeds from St. John’s Wort, wheat, pigweed, wood sorrel and a wide variety of grasses. To do so, they usually land on the plant stem and push it to the ground. While holding it with their feet, they then pluck out the seeds they want.

The top commercial bird seed for Painted Buntings is White Proso Millet, which you can find in most songbird mixes. They will also eat black oil sunflower seeds.

More Painted Bunting Facts

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