Food Preferences 
Varied Thrush

Varied Thrush Food

Varied Thrushes rarely visit bird feeders, but they can often be found underneath feeders during the winter, where they will sort through seeds discarded by other birds.

These birds will sometimes mingle with their American Robin cousins as they both hunt for earthworms on a grassy field. Though they share a similar color scheme, the two have distinct looks.

Food Preferences for the Varied Thrush

In the spring, summer and fall, the Varied Thrush mainly feeds on insects, often snapping up crickets, beetles, caterpillars and millipedes.

Winter migration brings them out of Canada and Alaska and into California and the Pacific Northwest, where they dine on berries, wild fruits and earthworms.

Sunflower seeds

Varied Thrushes do eat at feeders, or rather underneath those feeders. Sunflower seeds and mealworms are strong attractants. You may also entice them to peck a few chunks of suet from your feeder as well.


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