Varied Thrush Eating Berries

Varied Thrush Nesting

After spending their winters in lowland valleys, which are often frequented by humans, the Varied Thrush will retreat to the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest when mating season begins. There, a mated pair will raise two clutches of eggs over the summer.

Courtship Habits of the Varied Thrush

Since the Varied Thrush disappears into the deep woods for mating, its courtship habits aren’t well known. Observers know the males often reach these breeding sites before females, a move probably meant to help them establish territories. Competition for such territory involves threat displays and short battles with other males.

Varied Thrush Nesting Location: low bushes

Nesting Habits of the Varied Thrush

The female Varied Thrush is responsible for making the nest, which has an outer layer weaved from twigs of fir, hemlock and other trees. The inside cup is made of a mash of rotten wood and grass and glued with mud. The interior is then layered with softer material, including fresh grass, soft leaves and moss.

Nests are usually built low in bushes near stream banks.

Varied Thrushes can raise up to two broods per year.

Varied Thrush Chicks

The female lays up to 6 eggs per brood, although most lay three eggs. After a 12-day incubation period, the eggs hatch and the chicks have a sparse gray down. The nestlings remain for up to 15 days, and are fed by both parents.


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