Protection From Animals


Critter ridder Animal Repellent

Cats that are left outside to roam kill millions of birds each year. Birds that feed or nest on the ground are especially vulnerable.

These needless deaths could be prevented if cats were kept indoors -- this also is extremely beneficial to the cat as well, since studies show cats

that are kept indoors live longer, healthier lives than those who are allowed outdoors.

If keeping the cat indoors is not an option for you, we recommend you to use a cat repellent, such as the Hahavart® Spray Away - Motion Activated Repellent or Critter Ridder.

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Live animal trap - protecting birds at bird feeders


Seeds that fall to the ground from a feeder will sometimes attract rats and other rodents. You will need to remove the feeder for several weeks so the rodents will leave the feeder area.

Then, you will probably want to consider purchasing a large enough catch tray or building one to catch the falling seeds is a good solution -- just be sure to keep the tray clean so diseases from bird droppings don't infect the other birds. A live trap is a humane way to control rodents in your backyard.

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Believe it or not, bears can be a problem for bird feeders in quite a few of the states.

Sometimes simple solutions such as bringing feeders in at night, keeping your birdfeed supply inside, and cleaning up any spilled bird seed are your best preventative weapons against these large predators.

The Hahavart® Spray Away - Motion Activated Repellent can be used too.

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Electric fencing - Protecting birds at bird feeders

Deer, Moose, Raccoons, etc.

Some solutions include making the area off-limits with fencing or animal repellents or trapping the animal.

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