Preventing Invading Insects

ant guards for hummingbird feeders

Hummingbird feeders have their own pests to deal with, most notably ants, bees and wasps, who are attracted to the same sugar nectar that hummingbirds like. They not only steal food, but they can also contaminate it and discourage hummingbirds from feeding.

As a solution to your ant problem, we offer an Ant Guard, which can be hung above your Hummingbird feeder. The Perky-Pet® Ant Guard uses Permethrin to repel ants and is proven safe around birds, pets and people.

Ant moats are another option for keeping these pests away. Several of our feeders have built-in ant moats, which is an area on the top of feeder that can be filled with a small amount of water. Ants are unable to get around this barrier.

hummingbird feeder with bee guards

If bees, hornets or wasps are invading your feeder, your best bet is to purchase a hummingbird feeder with built-in bee guards. These are mesh-guards that prevent bees and wasps access to the feeding ports

Oasis hummingbird feeder

Additionally, you can try a saucer-shaped feeder, such as our Perky-Pet® Oasis feeder, which has the feeding ports on the top of the feeder. Because the nectar level is much lower on these feeders, bees and wasps cannot reach the food. is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


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