Perky-Pet® 2 ft Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeder

Model #: HUMBAR200DTC

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  • Revolutionary, patented hummingbird feeder
  • 22 feeding ports angled for optimal nectar access
  • Expertly designed to attract more hummers
  • Cutting-edge horizontal feeder orientation
  • Optimal port spacing for side-by-side feeding
  • Easy to fill and easy to clean

Perky-Pet® Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeder—2 ft

Perky-Pet® Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeder—2 ft

Perky-Pet®'s horizontal-hanging 2 Foot Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeding Tube offers a revolutionary way to feed more hummingbirds at one time.

Nectar filled hummerbar® is a 2-foot plastic tube offering 22 feeding ports and, when compared to other hummingbird feeders, is easy to clean. Patented feeder hangs horizontally while delivering plenty of nectar for hummingbirds. Feeder ports are made of plastic molded in red, a color proven to attract hummers. Each port is spaced just right to allow hummingbirds to feed side-by-side!

The feeder is built of a shatter-resistant clear plastic feeding tube, which allows you to easily monitor nectar levels.


With Perky-Pet®'s Hummerbar®, you get the ultimate hummingbird feeder!

How to hang the Hummerbar®

  1. Remove an end cap.
  2. Remove nectar-pouring funnel from tube.
  3. Replace the end cap.
  4. Select an outdoor area to hang the Hummerbar®.
  5. Hang using loops at end of hanging cords—make sure the feeder is low enough to access for refilling and cleaning.
  6. Level the Hummerbar® by adjusting its cords. Slide cord locks up and down as needed to level.
  7. Remove rubber stopper from nectar basin and insert funnel.
  8. Fill about 1/4th full with Perky-Pet® hummingbird nectar. Compare each end by eye. If nectar is pooling to one side, then adjust cord locks again.
  9. Once nectar is evenly distributed, continue to fill nectar basin until half full. Do not overfill.
  10. Remove funnel, insert rubber stopper.

Hummingbird Nectar

The best hummingbird nectar uses a 100% sucrose formula, which hummers prefer because it is easy to digest. All Perky-Pet® Hummingbird Nectar uses a 100% sucrose formula.

Never fill the Hummerbar® more than half-full. Overfilling the Hummerbar® can cause the feeder to leak.

Too Small?

If a 2-foot Perky-Pet® Hummerbar® isn't enough for your hummers, then try the the 4-foot version. With 44 feeder ports on the 4-foot version, you can feed even more hummingbirds.

More Questions?

See our FAQs section below for more details on hanging, using and cleaning your Hummerbar®. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact the Perky-Pet® customer care department at 1-855-PERKYPET (855-737-5973).


Accessorize your Hummingbird or Oriole Feeder

Powdered Nectar

Liquid Nectar




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Perky-Pet® Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeder—2 ft - Specifications

What's in the Box:

  • One 2 foot Hummerbar® feeder
  • One mini-funnel


  • 22 feeding ports
  • Easy-grip cord locks
  • Rubberized end caps
  • Rubber stopper

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 26, 2017
Big disappointment By C ma

Looked like a great idea at first but... really disappointed in this product. Label very difficult to remove. End caps do not fit tight & ended up wasting nectar and creating a sticky mess. I will be returning this product.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

Perky-Pet® strives to create high-quality feeders for our customers and the birds to enjoy. We regret to hear that what was received did not meet these expectations.

Our feeders are covered by a 30 day return policy and a one year replacement warranty.  Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 21, 2017
So So I Guess By KitKat3ladi

My hummers are spoiled I guess for they are not interested in this feeder!

Response From Perky-Pet®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We are sorry to hear about this experience and would like the opportunity to provide assistance.

When adding new feeders to the area, we recommend removing older feeders temporarily so that the birds can get used to the new food source. Feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 13, 2017
Neat idea. Horrid sticker. By matt

The huge sticker on the side is impossible to remove.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Matt,

This feedback has been shared with our Product Managers.  We apologize for the experience.  

To remove the label, we recommend using warm water and mild soap.Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 13, 2017
Take down older feeders to get them used to the tube. By xmtnwn

Got the 2', hung it with the other 3 feeders and they wouldn't go near it. When first hanging and adjusting with liquid, I got a nice sugar water bath, wonderful , was very sticky... I took the other feeders down and they have slowly gravitated to it, so have hung the others back and they go to which ever one they like. I live in Washington and they are here year round, so will be interesting to see if the liquid freezes in the tube, doesn't in the feeders. I have a large amount of hummers daily here so they are my enjoyment.

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 9, 2017
Label removal By Lee

I just got this and I have a suggestion. Please use a label that is easier to remove! I just spent the better part of an hour trying to get the label off! Makes no sense, given that the tube is plastic and therefore unable to "score". Other than that, I am anxious to try it out!

Response From Perky-Pet®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Lee,

We apologize for this experience and appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback. It will be shared with our Product Manager.

Warm water and mild soap should help in removing the label. Feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
January 7, 2017
Good product By Golfer42
I bought the 2 footer as Christmas gift for my sister who winters in SOUTH TEXAS. S he already had built the stand on her front deck and she says it is working as she had planned. She says it is working great!!!
Review Rate
Review posted on
January 1, 2017
Perky Pet Hummer Bar By Wanita58
Love this company, good quality products. Bird feeders are very well made last for years.
Review Rate
Review posted on
November 25, 2016
The Swarm By Jon W
I added the Hummerbaru 2ft in addition to ,4 30 oz colored feeders from Perky Pet. It is a free show everyday for all of the neighbors and kids especially at dusk when hundreds of them swarm to get there evening bed time meal. Watching the humming birds has a calming effect and learning there antics and behaviors is very educational. I encourage everyone to invest in feeding the humming birds as it is a great joy!
Review Rate
Review posted on
November 16, 2016
It\'s a gimick By Duane
Never again, the birds would not go near the red flowers so I put some yellow flowers with the same results. I have three other feeders that I have used for years with no problems except keeping them full, so I know how to make good nectar. Sorry to say but don't waste your money.
Response From Perky-Pet®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative
Hello Duane,

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and apologize for the experience.

As creatures of habit, birds can take some time to get accustomed to a new food source in their environment. We recommend removing some of the original feeders temporarily so the birds will learn to frequent the new one.

Our Consumer Relations Team will be glad to provide additional assistance. We can be reached at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).
Review Rate
Review posted on
September 22, 2016
Happy with purchase By Daffy
I order two of the 2ft humming bird feeders as Christmas gifts and i am happy with the products but I was not happy when a week later I go an email stating that all humming bird feeders were 25% off!
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Q.The one I purchased in the store, the first on the list of instructions was: Remove the label. Well I would if I could. It is stuck on there crazy ... never seen anything like it. Any suggestions on how to remove it? I hate to hang it up with the label still on it ... looks pretty tacky!

To remove the sticker, we recommend using a mild soap and water solution or vegetable oil and gently scrubbing.

Q.Are the flowers bee-guarded?

The flowers do not have built-in bee guards. However, as this feeder is intended to be filled only halfway, it would bee very difficult for bees to access the nectar.

Q.How do you clean the hummerbar?

First, remove hummerbar by carefully removing hanging cords from hooks. Keep the feeder level. Then, remove end caps and rinse with water from garden hose or sink. If feeder is moldy or dirty, put one end cap on and fill the hummerbar with a mild dish soap/water solution. Place other end cap on the feeder, mix the solution throughout and let stand for 5 minutes. For extra cleaning, we recommend using a Perky-Pet® mop to clean the individual feeding ports. After a thorough washing, remove both end caps and rinse well with clean water to be sure all the soap is gone. Drip dry. We recommend washing your hummerbar twice a week.

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All About

All About:

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Hummingbird Feeders - FAQs

Q: What else do I need to know about hanging a Hummerbar®?

A: Make sure the Hummerbar® is level. This will be the key to enjoying your Hummerbar®. If the feeder isn't level, then nectar can ooze out of its feeder ports. The best way to level the feeder is to use a "construction level" as you work on placing it. Start by leveling it by sight, then use the tool to help you make additional adjustments.

Use the easy-sliding locks on each cord to fix the feeder into place. If those locks stay in place, your Hummerbar® should be "just right" every time.

Q: Should I "test" my Hummerbar® to see if it's level?

A: Instead of dealing with sticky nectar, try testing it with some water. After leveling it, pour some water into the Hummerbar®'s nectar basin. If the liquid distributes evenly along the Hummerbar®, it's ready to take nectar. If the water pools in one end, you need to work on leveling the Hummerbar® again. Once it appears to be level, dump the water and add your Perky-Pet® nectar!

Q: Do you fill the Hummerbar® to the top?

A: Never fill your Hummerbar® all the way to the top. First, you should only fill the Hummerbar® with as much nectar as your hummingbirds will eat in two days. Secondly, you should only fill about half of the Hummerbar® nectar basin—any higher and you could risk spilling nectar. Don't worry about the hummers though. The basin size was set to match the length of a hummingbird's tongue!

Q: What's the cleaning schedule for my Hummerbar®?

A: Clean the Hummerbar® every two days to keep mold from forming. On especially cool days, you can let it sit a day or so longer.

Q: Why is nectar leaking from the feeder ports?

A: Two things could cause your Hummerbar® to leak from its feeder ports. Did you overfill it? Remember to never fill a Hummerbar® more than half-full. Also, are you sure the feeder is level? This could cause leakage out of one end of the Hummerbar®. Try re-leveling it.

Q: Why is nectar leaking from the end caps?

A: If this is happening, just try pushing the end caps fully into the Hummerbar®. Each end cap should seal around the end of the Hummerbar®. After any leak, you may want to wipe the feeder down with a wet cloth.

Q: Should I take my Hummerbar® down when bad weather is coming?

A: High winds could cause your Hummerbar® to start swinging. The sloshing action could cause nectar to leak out.

Q: I want to bring even more hummingbirds. Any tips?

A: You can bring more hummingbirds to your yard by adding hummingbird-friendly flowers, including zinnias, butterfly bushes, columbines and salvias. Also make sure you have a good source of water for hummingbirds and other birds.

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