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Product Spotlight: K-Feeders

Product Spotlight: K-Feeders

These classic wild bird feeders by K-Feeders offer the nostalgic style people have loved for years, with innovations in design and durability.

History of K-Feeders

Established in 1975, the K-Feeders brand was among one of the first companies to manufacture wild bird feeders. Known for their slogan, “Where Nature and Quality Meet,” the small company grew into an internationally recognized brand. They designed their signature product with the intention that it would be a feeder to last a lifetime.

Now adopted by Perky-Pet®, that mission continues. The re-introduced K-Feeders are designed with customers in mind to make the overall bird feeding experience better. In the time-honored tradition of this classic line, each feeder is made with quality materials and created for ease of use.

A Quick Look at K-Feeders

We offer three variations in this popular collection of feeders: the Super Carousel, the Carousel, and the Window Bird Feeder.

1. The Super Carousel:

K-351 k-feeders super carousel bird feeder

2. The  Carousel:

k-350 k-feeders carousel bird feeder

3. The Window Bird Feeder:

k-349 k-feeders window bird feeder

What Makes K-Feeders So Great?

Available only on the web, our unique K-Feeders have all of the features you want in a wild bird seed feeder.

  • Large baffle provides great protection.

    As one of the primary features, the baffle makes K-Feeders stand out in the wild bird feeding category, and not just because of its unmistakably large size. Both of our hanging feeders boast this unique 16” dome for optimum protection. The oversized structure not only acts as a cover to shield your feathered friends from bad weather, but it helps to keep your seed dry as well! No more hassle of trying to clean out wet birdseed. Additionally, this convenient feature resists squirrels and prevents them from tearing off lids and stealing food. Both baffles are made of ultra-thick, clear high-grade acrylic plastic. Despite the thickness, the baffle provides exceptional clarity and doesn’t get in the way of your birdwatching enjoyment.

    While our window feeder does not have a large dome, the cover remains attached to the suction base at all times. This one-piece design keeps seed dry and allows the reservoir to be removed from the unit for easy refilling. Plus, this slanted cover prevents snow accumulation.

  • k-feeder k-350 with birdsBuilt-in hanging elements for easy placement.

    K-Feeders come in a variety of styles to offer several options for feeder placement. The Carousel and Super Carousel feeders feature built-in hanging loops on their screw-tight baffles. These can be used to hang feeders from a pole or Shepard’s hook for placement anywhere around your yard. There’s also a convenient cut-out on the base to allow for pole mounting. The window feeder, on the other hand, can be mounted – you guessed it – on your windows! Suction cups conveniently attach to your screenless windows so you can enjoy a close-up view of feeding birds from inside.

  • Durable construction ensures a long product life.

    When K-Feeders were first designed; they were intended to last a lifetime. Thanks to high-quality materials, these popular wild bird feeders provide a great overall value. Durable, polycarbonate components on the Window and Carousel feeders protect from damage by squirrels and other elements. The polycarbonate pieces are also UV-treated to prevent discoloring due to sunlight exposure. Likewise, the powder-coated zinc die-cast base of the Super Carousel feeder is built to resist damage, breakage, and corrosion. To ensure optimum durability, all of our K-Feeders are assembled with quality craftsmanship. This may just be the last feeder you ever need.

  • Spacious, clear reservoirs for easy seed-level monitoring.window bird feeder with thistle

    With each reservoir larger than the last, our K-Feeders will keep your backyard birds well fed with a vast supply of seed. Offering .75 lb, 5 lb, and 8 lb capacities respectively, K-Feeders won’t need to be constantly refilled. Plus, our popular Carousel feeder features 4 independent seed compartments! This convenient feature allows you to supply different seed choices to satisfy many different types of birds. Finally, all 3 K-Feeders feature a clear reservoir to allow for close monitoring of seed levels so you’ll always know exactly when to refill.

  • Lid unscrews easily for quick, simple refills.

    Every item in this product line has been designed with customers in mind. After all, feeding the birds shouldn’t have to be a time-consuming hassle. The easy-to-use design of the K-Feeders allows you to get back to the things you really enjoy – watching the birds! The covers can be easily unscrewed for quick filling. Furthermore, K-Feeders come apart with little effort and provide a smooth internal construction to ensure easy cleaning.

  • k-feeder with multiple birdsMulti-perch design can feed many birds.

    You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of birds that these amazing feeders will attract. Both hanging K-Feeders feature a 360-degree perch system for feeding access from every angle. This unique design is able to accommodate several birds at once, so birds won’t need to fight to get enough feeding time. The smaller Window feeder provides two ports on opposite sides of the reservoir to allow for simultaneous feeding by a pair of birds.

Want to Know More?

Do you have more questions about the amazing features K-Feeders have to offer? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, you can get more details and read customer reviews on K-Feeders by visiting our online store.

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